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Based on the Western border of the beautiful Wirral Peninsula, West Kirby is to the Wirral as Newquay is to Cornwall, with its stunning beaches and framed by beautiful waters. Living in West Kirby offers would-be residents a chance to experience an outdoors lifestyle that most only dream of.

As a Wirral estate agent, perhaps you could argue a level of bias when it comes to our love of West Kirby but with its iconic waterfront, stunning homes and incredible views, we can’t be along in picturing it as the capital of the peninsula.  

The small town has a deep-rooted history with a key Victorian influence, especially on the roads that surround the Marine Lake, which have an unquestionable feeling of Britishness to them. It is with its years of history that gives the area an air of stability and affluence, appealing to those who are looking to settle down and raise children, or, enjoy their golden years. With such prosperity and a rich lifestyle on offer, house prices in West Kirby tend to be higher than in other areas of the Wirral.

With the cities of Chester and Liverpool each within an hour’s drive away, the area attracts those who want a short commute to work but want to live far away from the hustle and bustle that emits from the cities. The new bars and restaurants that have opened over the past few years have given West Kirby a cosmopolitan feel, albeit within the sanctuary of a bijou town. It is near these bars and restaurants that you can find Bradshaw Farnham & Lea's West Kirby branch.

Five Quick Facts about West Kirby

Under dark, atmospheric skies, a viking clutches a sword 1 It is said that the name West Kirby is of Viking origin with the word ‘Kirby’ deriving from the Viking ‘Kirkjubyr’ which means ‘village with a church’. A sign for the Wirral Way, a coastal public path in the Wirral 2 West Kirby is at the start of the famous Wirral Way, a coastal public foot and cycle path that stretches to Hooton. As a disused railway, it’s the perfect place to safely cycle down to Hooton. A man windsurfs on bump water 3 During 1991, Dave White set a new World Windsurfing Speed Record when he windsurfed on the marine lake at 42.16 knots.  Caldy Grange Grammar School Sign 4 James Bond actor, Daniel Craig, attended the Hilbre High School and attended Calday Grange Grammar School Sixth Form. Some Flags of Scandinavian Countries 5 A DNA survey of males in the Wirral showed hat 50% of those tested where of Scandinavian origin, proof that Vikings settled in the area all those years ago.

Lifestyle & Activities

West Kirby offers all the beauty and pursuits that come with island life, or peninsula life, to be more exact. Its beautiful beaches and spectacular views make for a great outdoors lifestyle, in which residents can enjoy a variety of activities, if the weather permits, of course.

Featuring stunning views of the Welsh Hills, West Kirby’s Marine Lake is a popular place for local residents to walk along the lake’s walkway, appearing to almost float on the water. The lake is also home to the Wirral Sailing Club, which offers exciting courses such as windsurfing, paddle boarding and kayaking. 

The archipelago of Hilbre Islands is an exciting place to go for a walk with family. Although it is only accessible on foot for eight hours of the day, so ensure that you plan your walk carefully, or you could be stranded for a few hours! With around a two-mile distance between the mainland the Hilbre islands, it is a great way to spend a Sunday afternoon. 


West Kirby has a great range of schools that provide an excellent standard of education.

In its most recent Ofsted inspection, St. Bridget’s Church of England Primary School was rated as ‘outstanding’ by Ofsted in every area of assessment. Known for being a good school in the area, places are highly sought-after and is a popular feeder schools for secondary schools in the area.

If you are looking for private educational institutions, Avalon Primary School is a great place to send younger children to provide them with an exceptional level of education from a young age. It also encourages children to sit heir 11+ exams, with an impressive pass rate allowing their alumni to attend the best grammar schools in the area.

For older girls who are academically gifted, the West Kirby Grammar School is one of the more favoured options for education in the area, achieving GCSE grades within the top 20% nationally. The school teaches a trio of languages to students during first year, before they choose two options to carry on during the following years. In its last Ofsted inspection, the school was rated ‘outstanding’ in all aspects that they assess.

Having been a core part of the Wirral education system for over 400 years, Calday Grange Grammar School has earned its place as the top school in Wirral. The school offers a broad curriculum that teaches subjects in area such as Business and Logic, Sciences, Communication and the Wider World.  It is with this comprehensive curriculum that means 98.2% of students achieve five or more A* - C grades at GCSE.

Bradshaw Farnham & Lea West Kirby

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