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Birkdale is an affluent area of Southport where the beautiful Victorian and Edwardian houses still grace the leafy streets, housing families who can enjoy the spacious living.

A thriving cosmopolitan village with a perfect blend of independently owned local traders mixed in with trendy wine bars and fine dining restaurants, excellent commuting links into Liverpool & Southport via the village centre train stations, and only a short drive to both Southport town centre and the beach front.

Also, home to the prestigious Royal Birkdale Golf Course, most recently hosting ‘The Open’ in 2017, Birkdale is well-known amongst the golfing community. The properties in the area vary from million pounds lavish homes to affordable first-time buyer properties, all within walking distance of the village.

Lifestyle & Activities

Located south of the town centre, Birkdale is exempt from the hustle and bustle that comes with the popular seaside resort and instead, provides an air of affluence through its homes, streets and sophisticated village centre.

The lifestyle here in Birkdale is a melange of cosmopolitan suburbia, where locals can enjoy the peace and tranquillity as easily as they can enjoy the stylish bars and restaurants in the village centre. It is because of this unique blend that the area attracts a variety of prospective residents from older residents who are looking to relax and unwind to professionals with young families who get to experience good schools, great social life and strong commuter links to both Southport and Liverpool.
The village centre is at the heart of the Birkdale community and is filled with an array of independent businesses, owned by local people from bars and restaurants to beauty salons, florists and even antique home stores. People here like to support local and so the village high street is thriving, providing the perfect spot to catch up for lunch with friends or schmooze on a Saturday afternoon.

For Birkdale residents who enjoy playing golf, the world-famous Royal Birkdale Golf Club is just on their doorstep. The golf club, which has hosted The Open several times, has been graced by some famous faces from the golfing elite to Hollywood royalty. It was rumoured that George Clooney was in the area to watch his close friend, Tiger Woods, play in the 2006 Open. Despite its glittering hall of fame, during an average day in Birkdale, its where you can find local residents playing on its stunning course.

Birkdale is also home to other sporting venues, including the Carlton Lawn Tennis Club which is instantly recognisable with its four clay courses. With membership options for adults, children and seniors, joining the Carlton Lawn Tennis Club is a great way to exercise and bond as a family, taking advantage of its large social club to get to know your fellow locals. For those who are particularly good at playing, there is also the option to compete on behalf of the club as an individual or team.

Nearby to Carlton Lawn is the Southport & Birkdale Sports Club, which is home to a variety of sports including cricket, hockey, tennis and squash. With members being able to try for a place in the various teams, joining this club is a great way to enjoy sports in the heart of the community and even satisfy a competitive streak with league competitions. 


The longstanding affluence of Birkdale means that the area is home to some great schools, making it a popular place for young families to settle in preparation for their children’s education. From nursery school to secondary school, there are a variety of options to see your child through their educational years.

Birkdale Primary School is based on Matlock Road and is a popular community primary school for local children. Following the National Curriculum, the school teaches both the core and foundation subjects including Mathematics, History, Religious Education and Modern Foreign Languages. In its most recent Ofsted inspection, the school received an overall rating of ‘Good’.  
Another community primary school is the Farnborough Road Primary School, which provides education for children from nursery, infant and junior school age. Both the infant and junior school received a rating of ‘Good’ during their latest inspection, with the inspector citing that pupils had a ‘positive attitude towards learning’.  

With many churches in the area, parents who are looking to educate their children in a church school have some great options. Our Lady of Lourdes Catholic Primary School is based on … The school, which follows the National Curriculum performs higher than the national average in the subjects of Mathematics and Reading.

For families who have young sons ready to move onto secondary education, Birkdale High School, is a popular choice for local children as it’s the only boys’ academy in Sefton. As an academy, the school is able to deviate from the National Curriculum and offers a broad curriculum for students, from Modern Foreign Languages to Humanities, Creative Arts and Design & Technology. The school was rated as ‘Good’ in its most recent Ofsted report.

Many young ladies in Birkdale attend Greenbank High School, which like Birkdale High, is also of academy status. Pupils of Greenbank follow an enriched curriculum that includes Computing, Science and Philosophy, in fact, the school even has a resident Philosopher. Glenn Skelhorn, who was trained by the Royal Institute of Philosophy, runs philosophy sessions which tie in with each subject that pupils are taught, encouraging them to think critically, creatively and collaboratively.