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Located within the countrified area of Ormskirk, Farmer Teds is one of the top attractions for animal-loving families in Merseyside and Sefton.

With a great number of activities and attractions to keep all members of the family entertained, whether visiting in winter or summer, there is always something to be enjoyed. From tractor rides, a toboggan run and a puzzling maze, the adults have just as much fun as the children do. A trip to Farmer Ted’s is a must for those long summer holidays. 

Five Things to Do


Bird of Prey Demonstration

Watch these stunning animals perform up in the skies above, showing off their prowess and skills as they soar above visitors. 


Tractor Rides

This free tractor ride runs throughout the farm allowing guests to see the animals playing and resting in the fields. 


Milking Demonstration

The milking demonstration is a great way of educating little ones on where milk comes from and the importance of dairy. 


Pony Grooming

Enjoy getting up close and personal with the beautiful ponies as you learn how to groom and care for the special animals. 

5 Ferret Racing

Enjoy watching these little bundles of energy do what they do best and climb, jump and run throughout the race with their furry friends. 


As Halloween approaches, the usually family-friendly farm turns into a fright farm where only those who are brave enough to, enter the menacing maze that is certainly not for the faint hearted.

The event, which began in 2006, has now became an annual occurrence, with courageous adrenaline-junkies taking to the farm to immerse themselves in a truly frightening experience. Through a haunted house of themed areas, visitors will meet some creepy characters from Malachi Throne in The Meat Locker and Marius Waterfield in Terror on the Farm to mutant zombies and nurses, there are a lot of lively oddities lurking around each corner. 
A visit to Farmageddon is great fun for those who love raw adrenaline and being spooked, however, it is an extremely immersive experience that lasts for around two hours, so it is definitely not for those who are of a nervous disposition.