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The stunning beauty of Formby Point & Pinewoods is etched into the memories of many North West residents, with most having spent long summer days here as a child, exploring the adventurous landscape that provides the perfect canvas for the imaginative mind of children.

Unlike many other places that seem magical to a child, Formby never seems to lose its enchanted touch, which is why generation after generation get to walk in the footsteps of their ancestors, brought to life in stories shared. Whether it is the vast expanse of forest or the long stretch of white sandy beach, Formby Point & Pinewoods has so much to see and do, that even the seasonal changes have very little effect on its charm.

Home to the beautiful Red Squirrels, Formby Pinewoods is one of the most important conservation areas in the UK and is owned by the National Trust. For visitors, catching a glimpse of them is not guaranteed, of course, however, when they do appear it is a wonderful sight to see. 

Five Quick Facts

1 Red Squirrels used to be a common sight in British woodland, however, after the introduction of the Grey Squirrels in the 19th century, the number of Reds began to lower. The Greys carry a disease which carries a 100% mortality rate when passed to the Reds.  2 The pinewoods themselves were first planted in the 18th century by the Formby family on Albert Road. Following the Formby family’s plantation, local landowners, the Blundell family followed with planting trees from Wicks Lane to Victoria Road.  3 Over time, as the sand of Formby Beach has eroded, evidence of pre-historic activity on the beach has been uncovered. A team from Manchester University discovered over 50 human footprints and around 2,000 Red Deer prints from around 7,000 years ago.  4 There are several ship wrecks off the coast of Formby Beach. On the beach itself is the Ionic Star, which is exposed during low tide. It ran aground in 1939 carry cargo from international trade.  5 During the Second World War blitz, German bombers mistook the pinewoods for the centre of Liverpool, with the darkened treetops resembling the tall buildings during blackout. When the bombs were dropped, fires were caused in the woods. 

Things To Do

Squirrel Spotting & Woodland Stroll

A trip to Formby Point & Pinewoods would not be complete without a stroll through the vast areas of beautiful woodlands.

One of the walks available is the Asparagus Trail, which pays homage to the area’s history of asparagus cultivation. The walk on this particular trail lasts for around one hour and fifteen minutes and stretches across 2.8 miles beginning at the Squirrel Wood. This starting point gives adventurers the perfect opportunity to spot the beautiful Red Squirrels, which are indigenous to the area.

As visitors continue along the trail, they will be able to pass areas of interest including Sheep Fields, Nicotine Wood and the various Asparagus Fields. 

Horse Riding

There is no better place than to exercise your equestrian enchantments than in Formby, with the quiet lanes and tree-lined roads being the perfect scene for a quiet walk.

However, with horse riders being allowed on Formby Beach, the stunning stretches of sand become a wonderful place for your horses to run free. Although riders are required to pay a permit to bring their horses and horse trailers onto the beach, the annual permit is the perfect option for horse-owners who live locally.

For those who may not own a horse, but still enjoy riding, the New Hill House Riding School, located on Wood Lane in nearby Altcar could be the perfect solution. Not only does the school offer lessons, trekking and show jumping, but they take their classes outside the stables with beach and cross-country rides.