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For the unashamedly individual and corporate-avoiding visitor, there is no better place to visit than Lark Lane. Although the road is hidden behind the leafy residential streets that surround Sefton Park, there is a distinguished feel of vibrant energy that pulsates down the lane, creating a bohemian buzz that greets visitors of all ages.

The street is a hub for all things individual and independent, completely detaching itself from the cookie-cutter chains that congregate in the city centre. From bars and restaurants to vintage clothing stores and record shops, Lark Lane is a breath of fresh air for those who want to experience its truly unique and individualistic character.  

For the sweet-toothed and culinary adventurous, Lark Lane offers something for everyone. A melting pot of taste and savour, you can find the world’s most revered cuisines harmoniously blending together in the intimate but character-filled restaurants.

It may not offer the same number of bars or level of animation that the city centre offers, however, Lark Lane certainly does not lack in atmosphere or choice when it comes to deciding where to go of an evening. The truth is that neither Lark Lane or its many admirers want the area to be similar to the city and it is with this uniqueness that many have fallen for its inimitable charm.


With its close location to Sefton Park, Lark Lane is steeped in history. Its array of buildings, each designed with individual character and charm give the lane its unique vibe.

Most of the buildings in Lark Lane can date back to Victorian times and many of the area's current bars, restaurants and shops are housed in some of the historic buildings. 

Lark Lane Community Centre, for example, calls the old Police Station home, along with Phil's Picture Palace. The Albert pub was once home to a brewery owned by Robert Cain, of Cain's Brewery before it became a hotel. During its time on Lark Lane, it was also used as a temporary mortuary!

Lark Lane Restaurants


The centrefold of Chinese cuisine in the city. Chy’s owners had the idea they wanted to create a Chinese restaurant with a different appeal. Their premise was to combine traditional Chinese food, with modern cuisine delivered in luxury surroundings at an affordable cost.  Through word of mouth, the appeal of Chy has brought lovers of Chinese food from all over the City and beyond eager to revel in the Chy experience – fulsome flavours of the Orient enjoyed in superb splendour.

Address - Chy, 43 - 45 Lark Lane, Liverpool, L17 8UW

Telephone - 0151 727 1122

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Meat Factory

The small but mighty Meat Factory brings a taste of America’s iconic gastronomic feats to the equally iconic Lark Lane, offering a place of sanctuary for those who may not fit into the bohemian bracket of vegan and vegetarian foodies.

Its illuminated logo, that has become one of the most recognised in the city, attracts Lark Lane’s regulars like moths to a flame, all out to enjoy their very own culinary conquests with its impressive menu that offers comfort food at its finest. From meat plates to hot dogs and burgers, including the signature Brooklyn Big Ass Burger, a visit to the Meat Factory is a must for anyone who loves their dishes big and food flavourful. With a great cocktail menu, it’s a great place to visit with friends, enjoying food in the right way.

Address - Meat Factory, 99 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8UP

Telephone - 0151 727 3126

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Opened in the 1980s, Maranto’s has been a core part of the Lark Lane social scene since its very beginnings, setting the tone for a street filled with character, warmth and distinct hospitality.
Its iconic home with its striking exterior is like a beacon to all those who visit the area, with the windows giving a glimpse of the atmosphere that awaits. For anyone who has stepped into Maranto’s has felt what makes it special, it’s warm and welcoming, alive with the sound of laughter and chatter from its guests, like visiting an aunt’s house at Christmas. Upstairs, a bar serves drinks to thirsty punters but downstairs is where all the action happens.
A family-owned business, the menu calls upon their Italian heritage to inspire dishes that everybody loves. From Spaghetti Bolognese and Pizzas to Steak and Burgers, there is something for everyone to enjoy. In the typical Maranto’s way, the portion sizes are huge but with the food so tasty, it’s an easy task to take on.

Address - Marantos, 57 - 63 Lark Lane, Aigburth, Liverpool, L17 8UP

Telephone - 0151 727 7200

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The Lark Bistro

The Lark Bistro is a beautiful independent bistro on Lark Lane, Liverpool. Serving delicious, fresh and homemade food in a convivial atmosphere.

Delivering an innovative and diverse menu inspired by various regional and international cuisines, guests can enjoy a variety of dishes from small plates and a hearty breakfast to a satisfying main or homemade cake. The relaxed atmosphere makes it the perfect place to meet friends for a coffee or a family dinner, perfect for the vibrant local community. 

Address - Lark Bistro, 82 Lark Lane, Aigburth, L17 8UU, Liverpool

Telephone - 0151 378 9145

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Lark Lane is a haven for all things quirky and independent, although it is known for its array of bars and restaurants, situated between the various eateries are hidden gems that simply cannot be found in the city centre.

From vintage clothing stores that are filled with patterned fabrics to record shops that house vinyls from The Beatles, Lark Lane is almost a magical place that is filled with wondrous delights, capturing the hearts of those who love difference. 

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The Lodge

Well made, no nonsense neighborhood hangout, bar & grill. Serving up cask ales, lager, wine, cocktails and sumptuous pub grub. The Lodge has DJs late on weekends, open mic nights, quizzes, live music and is also a great place to watch live sports.

Address - The Lodge, 34 Lark Ln, Liverpool, L17 8US

Telephone - ​0151 727 6636​

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Keith's Food and Wine Bar

Opened way back in the 1970s, Keith’s Food and Wine Bar offers everything that you would expect from a bar that has been open since the era of freedom and love. With warm and welcoming vibes that attract so many punters, it’s a fantastic place to enjoy drinks with friends. 

Address - Keith's Food & Wine Bar, 107 Lark Ln, Liverpool, L17 8UR

Telephone - 0151 727 4350

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Chilli Banana

The Chilli Banana has been part of Liverpool's buzzing bar and restaurant scene long before it was even considered a thing, when the cosmopolitan dawn of the city was just rising above the horizon. The restaurant offers an upmarket twist on the Thai cuisine, with popular family recipes appearing on the menu. With the fantastic seasonings of the Asian cuisine, guests are set to be delighted by the wonderful aromatic flavours that are infused in every dish. A true delightful experience for those who appreciate the tastes of Thai.

Address - Chilli Banana, 2 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8US

Telephone - 0151 726 8641

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The Albert

The Albert is one of the oldest pubs on Lark Lane and once a haven for those home from working in the Merchant Navy, much to their wives’ discontent. Although it is very much a traditional pub from the outside, its trendy beer garden attracts the younger crowd. A down-to-earth pub that has earned its stripes as one of the best on Lark Lane. 

Address - The Albert, 66-68 Lark Ln, Liverpool L17 8UU

Telephone - 0151 726 9119

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