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The timeless beauty of Parkgate attracts many to its antiquated promenade, where visitors can enjoy a classically British seaside feel with views across the vast salt marshes that lead onto the Dee Estuary.

Originally a prominent port during the early 1800s, Parkgate’s success was surpassed by nearby Liverpool, where the enormous purpose-built warehouses attracted trade from across the world. It soon became a popular resort for holidaymakers to go and enjoy sunbathing on the sands and swimming in the river.

Although the golden sands of Parkgate may be no more, the promenade that is filled with thriving independent cafes, restaurants and bars continues to attract visitors and tourists to this day. During the summer, you can find many visitors enjoying some famous ice cream from Nicholls Ice Cream of Parkgate, which has been feeding the sweet-toothed visitors for over 75 years.  

Five Quick Facts

1 The marshlands of Parkgate have become the home for a variety of wildlife and in 1973, it became a conservation area. The wildlife charity, RSPB, are currently responsible for manging the marshlands. 2 During the Second World War when ports were being targeted, lights were dotted around the marshlands of Parkgate to trick German bombers into thinking a residential area was below, protecting residents who were hidden in the blackout.   3 When Parkgate was a port, it was a common place for passengers to embark on the ferry to Ireland. In fact, renowned composer, George Frideric Handel, stayed over at Parkgate before leaving for Dublin where the first performance of Messiah was held in The Great Music Hall. 4 The whole of Parkgate was once owned by the Mostyn family before Baron Mostyn sold the area off in a public auction in 1849 and decided to invest the money in Llandudno, Wales. 5 Parkgate was first recorded in 1610 and it is thought the name derives from neighbouring Neston where there was once a deer park that was enclosed. The location of the entrance gates is said to be at the end of Moorside Lane. 

Things To Do

One of the main reasons that people visit Parkgate is for a simple walk along the promenade, taking in the fresh air and enjoying the fantastic views. There is another reason, however, that sees hoards of people visiting in the summer – ice cream.

Parkgate is famous for its ice cream that is made by local treasure, Nicholls Ice Cream of Parkgate, which has called the area home since 1937. As one of the finest ice cream parlours, visitors can enjoy a range of flavours all created in-house by their talented team. Their ice creams have been enjoyed by generation after generation who have each visited the beautiful Parkgate. A great place to take children. 

For the sporty and adventurous, Neston Cricket Club, offers space to play a range of sports including hockey, tennis, and squash. With the marshes being full of wildlife, the area attracts many birdwatchers who can see some beautiful species including Hen Harriers, Short-Eared Owl and Skylarks.

As a popular tourist destination, the area is home to many delightful and charming cafes, restaurants and pubs, each one with a distinct personality of their own.

For a true seaside feel, Parkgate Fish and Chips serves plates from the traditional coastal cuisine, making it a must-visit for those who make visiting the area an annual event. The Ship is another traditional favourite, which is a homely pub where guests can enjoy dishes such as Steak & Ale Pie, Mussels and Burgers.
The Elephant Lounge is the perfect place to sit and relax, taking in the views of Parkgate whilst enjoy their delicious coffee and cakes. The lounge also runs themed nights including Music Monday, Chilli Thursday and Sundown Sunday, which offers 2-4-1 cocktails.

For a little international flavour, head to Chows Eating House for the delicious and aromatic flavours of Chinese cuisine. With banquets, mains and hor d’oeuvres, there is something for everyone from lone diners to groups of friends.